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   Surprises in the theory of heat conduction
   Large deviations and fluctuation theorems in heat conduction
   Green-Kubo formula for open systems  

   Heat conduction in  disordered harmonic lattices with energy 
   conserving  noise

   Phononic heat conduction in disordered crystals

   Scattering of electrons from an interacting region
Lecture Notes

On random walks and polymers.

On random walk with absorbing and reflecting barriers, first passage problem.

On Kramer's escape rate problem
Lectures on Random Walks -II

Statistical physics course  (Aug-Dec 2012)
     Former Ph.D. Students
      Debasish Chaudhuri (IIT, Hyderabad)
      Rahul Marathe (ITP, University of Cologne, Germany)
      Dibyendu Roy (LANL, Los Alamos, US)
      Anupam Kundu (CNRS, Paris, France)
    Present Ph.D. Students                   
     Chaitra Hegde
     Anjan Roy
     Suman Das

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